Upper Back Pain

Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Your spine is perhaps one of the most important set of bones in your body. Many other aspects of the body, like its functioning, stability and order, are dependent on it. It is also extremely crucial for maintaining the balance of the body and it also lends support to the various joints and ligaments present in the body. therefore, it is important for you to understand it’s functioning as it is also one of the most vulnerable part of the body also.

Chronic back pain has been found to have serious repercussions. In fact, 85% of the general human population suffers from some or the other kind kind of chronic back pain. However, most of them aren’t serious in nature and can be treated with a little bit of care and attention. It is the chronic cases, which spark serious concern. The severity of a case is judged by the duration of the pain, and doctors and physiologists often arrive at a judgment only after a minimum of 12 weeks of observation.

Your shoulder is the most delicate piece of bone structure in the body as it allows room for maximum movement. Hence, sports-persons, fitness practitioners and gymnasts are more susceptible to sprain and strain in the region. This might also lead to wear and tear of the tissue in the region. Among the various severe cases of the same, Chronic back pain between shoulder blades, is of a very serious in nature. In fact,it  is categorized under the referred cases of chronic back pain.

The major reason that attributes to chronic back pain between the shoulder blades is any sprain on the cervical herniated disc. Its major symptoms involve a tingling sensation, which if not attended to properly and on time can, may cause weakness or temporary numbness in the region. The pain may spread to the other parts of the body parts such as the finger-tips, or the hands and neck and the collar bone. Therefore it is important to consult your doctor and take proper medications and treatment for the pain.