Lower Back Pain

Are You Suffering From Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain?

The lower back pain is one of the most common ailments, today. Due to the increased work-related stress and wrong postures adopted by people today, you have about 50% of the entire human population complain of some kind of back pain or the other. It could range anything from acute to chronic. In fact, almost 85%o the US population complains of a Chronic Mechanical Lower Back Pain or an LBP. The severity of the back pain is judged on a scale of about 12 weeks. Gratefully, most of the cases are somewhat solved within the first few weeks. It is the chronic variety of cases and their increasing number, which have become a cause of concern for doctors and physicians world-wide.
Usually, people below the age of 45, may develop a case of Low back Pain, because of trauma or injury. It is also a most likely cause of disability, especially in elder folk, and it may lead to life-long paralysis or severe disability. Hence, proper care and protection of the spine and the muscles surrounding it is necessary as it is very much decisive in terms of back-rest and support. Your doctor also has to make an intricate study of your case-history before he finally arrives upon any conclusion. There have been guidelines published time and again to help doctors keep a track of a patient. One of the most appreciated and a recommended guideline is the Agency for Health Care Policy and it’s module of research entitled “Acute Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain Problems”. It has been widely approved and most medical practitioners follow this module.
The study and research into this field has considerably gained in scope and width during the Bone and Joint Decade, which has been ear-marked from 2002 to 2011. The approach has extended itself to agencies of the government, private industries, various health centers, etc all in an effort to increase awareness in various bone and health ailments.