Lower Back Pain

Suffering From Lower Back Pain?

Back pain is a common problem these days. Almost every person suffers from lower back pain in his or her life. In a research it has been seen that out of five, about four people suffer from lower back pain in USA. Lower back pain, if not checked, becomes so painful that the person suffering finds it difficult to even walk. If a person feels any kind of pain in his or her back, the first thing he or she should do is to consult a doctor and let him know where the pain is and of what intensity.

Lower back pain often turns severe due to the negligence of the patients. Sometimes it happens that the pain in the lower part of the body is considered a common lower back pain and we do not consult a doctor and later on the pain comes out to be sciatic pain.
Due to the lower back pain the patient suffers numbness in the buttocks and legs. A complete rest should be given to the back if the pain increases. The patient should avoid heavy exercise and should not continue with any kind of physical activity.

The patient feels irritation in the lower part of the back and feels pain whenever he or she moves. Nowadays different types of medications are given to the patients suffering from lower back pain. Even doctors suggest yoga exercises for the lower back pain as they consider these exercises much better than using surgery and other medications.
Lower back pain can be avoided by using small tips.

1.You should not sit in one position for long time
2.You should lift any load by bending your knees properly
3.Have a good sleeping posture
4.Avoid wearing high heel sandals and shoes