Lower Back Pain

Lower Lumbar Back Pain

The lumbar portion of the spine is the area just above your buttocks. This lowermost part of the spine is further joined to the skeletal structure of the legs. The lumbar pine plays a very important role in supporting the balance and movement of the body while working, walking, lifting, kneeling, or even sitting. Perhaps it is the most important and sensitive area of the rest of the spine.

Almost 68% of the working-class Americans suffer from lower lumbar back pain. General lower lumbar back pain due to muscles spasms and strains causes no side effects except for some mild pain in the thighs. But this pain has a history of traveling to other parts. The cure of this kind of pain is rest, hot water pad application and cold-water treatment. Along with them, stretching exercises for the lower and mid-back are also helpful in reducing the pain and the spasms.

Methods to reduce lower lumbar back pain:
There are soft wedges designed for resting the knees which takes the pressure from your hind portion and is of great use when there is a sudden bout of pain. It is generally recommended for those who have the habit of sleeping on their back. Then, there are foam pillows of small sizes which are designed to keep yours knees separate in order to reduce the stress on the back; it is suitable for people sleeping sideways.

There are soles with specific pressure points on them which use the nervous impulse to heal the pain and can be used regularly with shoes and sandals. Besides the usual painkillers and analgesics there are OTC capsules which may combine tropical medicines and supplements like glucosamine for rejuvenating the strength and endurance level of bones and muscles. However, all these are specific products should be used under prescription as per the physician recommendation.