Upper Back Pain

Neck And Mid Back Pain

If you feel both neck and mid back pain together, don't take it for granted that the muscles of your back have spasms or strains. It can be more than that. The responsible factor for this neck and mid back pain may not be your back, your neck vertebrae too may be responsible.
If you have any such experience, its better to visit a doctor to confirm the cause. The physiotherapist will take some x-rays of your back, neck and the whole of the spinal cord. X-rays detect any kind of strain or slip discs. The neck disorder of vertebrae is called cervical spondylitis or spondylosis.

The cervical spondylosis is the result of de-generative change of the inter vertebral discs and the bones of your neck. The very common name of this condition is 'neck osteoarthritis'. Even some people simply calls de-generative disc disease of neck.
The most common cause of cervical spondylosis is aging. According to medical studies the condition starts infesting after a persons attains a age of 40 and progresses to a very bad state slowly. Its even seen that men are more prone to this ailment. The condition if left unattended often rolls over to a condition called myelopathy. This cervical spondylosis has been rated as the most common cause of neck pain and that subsequently affects your spinal cord and the pain reaches your mid back.

Though its called a aged problem yet, the condition may occur due to bad life style. The neck may victim of certain bad posture of sitting. Some kind of shock may also be responsible for the degeneration of your neck.

Most of the treatments aim at reducing the neck and back pain, the spine irritation, the nerve pain and to improve the condition of  cervical spondylosis. The treatment modules followed for the disordered neck are as follows: Medications of certain medicines to reduce the pain. Then use of neck braces for keeping the neck in immobilize position. Some physiotherapy sessions are also applicable. At extreme conditions surgery is recommended.