Lower Back Pain

Know All About Sacrum Pain

Sacrum pain is defined as a sharp and biting pain in the lower back that sometimes may extend to the butt. This kind of back pain affects the sacrum, which is the lowest part of the spine. This back pain type is quite intense and can be difficult to deal with.

Though there are several factors that can attribute to sacrum pain, it is usually postural patterns that play the most prominent role. These days, more and more people are involved in sedentary jobs that involve sitting for longer hours. Sitting for prolonged periods can cause tension in the lower back. It also leads to shortening of hamstrings, hip flexors and other muscles.

When you are sitting or are in a particular position for a long time period, the muscles holding your sacrum begin to contract. As they contract, they tend to get tighter and tighter. Eventually, this leads to a pain in the muscles. If the body continues to be in the same position, this pain can become chronic too.

Dealing with sacrum pain can be difficult
As the name suggests, sacrum pain affects the sacrum. Sacrum has a complicated structure as there are numerous muscles attached to it. Your cheek muscle also known as the gluteus maximus, is also attached to the sacrum. There are several other deeper muscles also known as the deep lateral rotators of the leg that are attached to the sacrum. In addition, there are several other muscles such as the pelvic muscles, hamstrings and hip flexors that are attached to the sacrum. Since there are so many muscles attached to sacrum, dealing with sacrum pain can be a little tricky.

Get the right treatment
While it is tough to deal with sacrum pain owing to the number of muscles involved, there are several techniques that can help you get rid of the problem. Massage is one of them. It helps ease out contraction of muscles and treats the pain. Practicing a few simple stretching exercises can also help deal with the problem. When practicing stretching exercises, make sure that you are not straining your back too much.

Using the exercise ball can also prove to be of great help in dealing with sacrum pain. It helps you give your body a gentle massage along with a bit of exercising too. Using a ice pack also works to treat sacrum pain. Apply an ice pack on the area in pain for about fifteen to twenty minutes. This will help ease out the pain. However, ice pack may not work for everyone. So, in case you feel discomfort using the same, you may skip it completely.