Lower Back Pain

Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic pain is a common phenomenon these days. People experience a severe pain due the problem called sciatica. But people know very less about the factors behind the sciatic pain. The main cause of the sciatic pain is the pressure formed on the sciatic nerve that causes intense pain in the leg.

Sciatic pain in some people is mild but in others it grows. Sometimes the condition becomes severe and painful than ever before. Sciatic nerve starts in our lower back and goes down the leg. This nerve joins our back to the lower part of our legs. It is the longest nerve that runs in the human body.

There are more than 50 nerves present in our lower back and out of them, the sciatic nerve creates the most trouble. Patients suffering from sciatica (sciatic nerve pain) are told to take good care of their back so that any potentially harmful activities are avoided. These days yoga exercises are a popular treatment for sciatic pain. With the help of  yoga exercises the sciatic nerve is stirred or disturbed in such a way that it helps the patient recover faster than before. Even doctors advise yoga exercises as they consider medication and surgery their last option.  Doctors recommend other exercises due to the reason that some people with complicated sciatic pain may feel uncomfortable doing those and even due to the reason that some patients deny doing yoga exercises as they feel that it would increase their pain more than what experienced ever before.
For the treatment of sciatic pain a good doctor should be consulted. In instances of extreme pain it should be kept in mind that the sciatic nerve is not disturbed. It can further deteriorate the problem and it will become more painful for you.