Lower Back Pain

Sciatica Machine

Sciatica is a kind of pain which is generally prevalent among the age group of 30 to 50 years. This condition is reputed to worsen with old age. Sciatica is a nerve in our body and is considered the biggest nerve in our body. The pain occurs when there is some damage done to the sciatica nerve. The damage could be in the form of pinching or compression due to the bulging of discs in the vertebrae. The pain caused could range from a tingling feeling to being extremely severe. The pain usually affects the lower part of the body and spreads to the knees and feet. This can cause extreme difficulty in walking, sitting, and even standing.

Among the modern machines used to treat this pain, sciatica machine is the most popular. A sciatica machine are usually divided into three categories –
Machines at a doctor's place.
Machines used in physical therapy.
Machines that are used at home.
Sciatica machines that are used in a doctor' place are the x-ray machines, MRI scan machine and the ultrasonic unit used in a chiropractor’s office. All these machines help to correctly diagnose the condition and cause our sciatica. In the physical therapy, sciatica machine category consists of two types of machines. First, is the machine for spinal decompression. By using this machine, an attempt is made to repair the damage done to the sciatica nerve. The second type of machine is the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit, also referred to as the TENS. Here electrical shocks are given to prevent the passage of pain to the brain. Micro-current electrical therapy and TENS are the two type of home-machines used for treating sciatica. Both function similarly by blocking the passage of pain through the nerves.