Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain And Lungs

To know the effects of upper back pain on lungs, you should know the upper back anatomy. The upper back consists of the spinal chord, neck and shoulders. These are joined together by muscles, ligaments and joints. Upper back pain is felt between the top of the spine and bottom of the neck when the muscles and ligaments are overstretched. The spine itself is divided into the upper and lower portion. The upper spine is known to be very strong. It supports the weight of vital organs like heart and lungs. It also provides structural support to the upper portion of the body and bear the weight of this entire portion. It is called thoracic spine (which means related to chest). Thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae (small bones forming the whole spine). The upper nine vertebrae are attached to the ribs (curved bones surrounding the chest area that support the lungs). The pain in joints connecting the ribs and the thoracic vertebrae are the common cause of upper back pain.

The upper back pain if not treated properly may lead to a serious problem like lung cancer. It is quite difficult to tell if the back pain that the person is experiencing is because of lung cancer or the lung cancer is because of upper back pain. Sometimes a person may suffer from cough with short breath along with back pain. It may be understood as a normal respiratory illness but in fact it could even be lung cancer. If it is, then it can be easily treated at this initial stage. A constant pain in back and chest is felt and becomes even more strong with deep breathing with an increase in fatigue along with swelling of face and neck. This constant back pain may cause serious lung infection like pneumonia.

There is a lot of confusion regarding the treatment of lung cancer resulting from back pain. The patient suffering from severe back pain should immediately consult the doctor because he/she may never know when the back pain is going to transform into lung cancer. If it is detected as a case of lung cancer, then a person should not take chances, should stop consuming antibiotics or pain-killers and immediately go for a thorough medical examination. If the back pain is chronic in nature and has been giving you trouble for a long period of time, you need to immediately consult the doctor.