Upper Back Pain

Upper Right Back Pain, Stop some physical activities!

Upper back pain comes in different locations and sometimes concentrates in a particular area. These are normally the areas like the right part below the neck to the right part above the lower back. This is the point where the ribs attach to the spinal chord. Pain in this location usually signifies damage to the muscles or ligaments which attach to the vertebrae which are basically the bones along the spinal column. The muscles and ligaments here can get torn or stretched due to overuse, injury or strain which leads to this particular type of pain. Other possible causes may be a particular posture which is one of the leading reasons for back ache and ailments which may trigger the pain include:

* Side sleeping posture: the side doesn't matter.
* Ergonomically improper setup of the computer and the mouse in particular where it is located in such a place that the user would have to overreach to get to the mouse, thus straining several muscles and ligament. This may cause as on of the primary reasons for right upper back pain.
* Daily activities which involve putting strain on the right arm such as driving with the same arm, holding heavy things or horse back riding.

Upper right back pain can usually be identified by its main symptom of localized pain. Frequent muscle spasms may also be experienced which may be termed as abnormal and spontaneous contractions of the muscles which are not really painful but can hurt if they occur close to the spinal column. Pain may also be felt when taking in deep breaths or on touching the back. Besides, neck and shoulder movements may also prove difficult.

Diagnosis for upper right back pain includes looking into the medical history of the patient as well as a thorough examination of the upper back. Ice packs and anti inflammatory medication may be useful for upper back pain which is caused due to exercise or other activities straining the muscles.  Muscle relaxants may also be prescribed by the physician to combat the pain. And above all, the physical activity which caused the pain in the first place is to be avoided to ensure that the condition does not worsen. Certain warm up exercises may be recommended to stretch the muscles and ligaments before indulging in any kind of physical activity. However, surgery is may be the last option in any upper right back pain cases.

Upper right back pain when occurs should be treated at the earliest and regular exercises may be avoided altogether. Maintaining proper weight is essential. Refraining from any activities which put continuous stress on the right upper back as well as using supports and braces for proper posture is advisable in reducing chances of this ailment. If you already have it, don’t ignore and take necessary steps to alleviate it. In case the pain is severe, it would be advisable to go to your physician.