Treatment of Back Pain

Sciatica: Alternative Remedies

The alternative remedies meant for sciatica are usually therapies like massages, hot heating beds, balanced nutritional supplements to takes care of your overall health. The natural food supplements of Sciatica alternative remedies contain enzymes, nutrients, phyto-nutrients, vitamins minerals that stimulates the body to prevent, retaliate and reverse the disease pathogens. The remedies also optimize the hormones and the immune system of your body so that in times ahead you don't suffer an attack or injury easily.

For pain and strain related problems, these alternative therapies keep the muscles and bone strong with proper exercise regimes. Sciatica Alternative Remedies, in most cases, doesn't need the presence of a doctor and can be performed at home. You may require somebody's help in some particular exercises for achieving the required posture.

Sciatica is the name of the peripheral neuropathy form of back pain that happens in the sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain is a sharp pain that initiates at your buttocks and slowly moves down towards the back side of your thighs and legs. The two most common causes of sciatica are the herniated disk(slipped disk) in your back and Piriformis Syndrome, a pain caused by the Piriformis muscle in your buttock due to spasm, irritation or inflammation.

Here are some alternative remedies for sciatica:

Acupuncture:- One of the ancient Chinese therapeutic practices, acupuncture is used to treat the lower back pain with the help of needles inserted at the precise meridian points of your skin. The meridians subsequently correspond to the specific part of your body like the nervous system or cardiovascular system or muscular-skeletal system or lymphatic system to cure the respective ailment.

Yoga:- It encompasses stretching exercise and different body postures that help in relaxing the pain and muscles adjoining the injury. It also helps in putting back the slipped disk or other joint disorders.

Along with these above mentioned alternative remedies, take care of your diet. Food rich in protein content should be consumed along with some rich fat food for building up and relaxing the injured muscles.