Backpain Overview

Bulging Disc Treatment

Bulging disc is a condition where there is a bit of protruding or bulging out of the discs in our body. But this is not so much a case of concern until and unless the bulging out narrows down your spinal canal and extra pressure is created on the spinal canal which ultimately can be the cause of pain. Bulging disc is not a condition which is only limited to children, it can also occur in adults. Regarding the diagnosis, the doctor would first ask for a physical test and medical history of the patient, thereafter a variety of diagnostic tests are asked to perform, this include CT or MRI Scan, even an X ray is done sometimes to apprehend the severity of your condition.

Now let us come to the vital part of our discussion which is regarding bulging disc treatment. Treatment would depend on the severity of the condition, the doctor only in very rare cases only orders for a surgery. Generally the doctor asks the patient to take some rest and strictly avoid those things that can trigger the pain, also it is imperative to mention here that a prolonged rest can only deteriorate your condition, so be careful.

Medications that are generally given are the non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Analgesics, muscle relaxants, even narcrotics medications are prescribed sometimes, but before using any of the medication, always consult the doctor.

Another bulging disc treatment you can try out is cold ice and hot packs, both of them used according to one's condition can yield helpful results. A little bit of physical exercises like stretching ones. Yoga, walking, meditation can help you greatly.

The last and perhaps the best bulging disc treatment is surgery, if everything fails, the doctor uses it as a last weapon. But here the patient must be both mentally and physically prepared to face the surgery and also the situation after a surgery.