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Cervical Collar

The cervical spine is a very critical part of your body. The cervical area is the junction of all the nerves of the body parts to carry the messages or impulses to the brain. The bones of the spine protect the spinal cord that runs down through the spinal canal. All important nerves of sensation and strength of arms and legs, and those controlling the bladder and the bowel movements are carried through the spinal cord. An injury to the area can cause severe damage to the nerves resulting in complications that can cost you and you may become weak and fragile in the coming days.

The injury to the nerves in the area can happen due to a herniated disc or the protruding disc on the nerves in the spinal canal. How can your cervical collar prevent your injury to the nerves?

Before we understand how the collar protects the neck from injury, lets have a discussion on the herniated neck. In herniation or bulging disc due to old age or injury, the bones of the vertebra joints of the spine near the neck compress and expand hurting the nerves or muscles attached. This can result in pain and more complications. Now if you go on moving your neck without caution, the disc may injure the nerves more and more and you will moan in pain.

Hence, the cervical collar provided by your doctor or physiotherapist fits your neck. It is rigid support and doesn't allow you to make movements of your neck. For this reason, the collars are provided as a treatment option for neck pain, if you don't move, there is less possibility of the nerves to get hurt and deteriorating more. The collar is made up of plastic that has an anatomical structure to catch the neck in shape.