Backpain Overview

Cervical Traction

If at one side your technology is responsible for some complications, the other side it also helps in fighting your complication and cure it. Thousand cheers to the development of science and technology. Till now people used to rely on cervical collars as precautions in the treatment of the ailment. But now if someone is having any kind of cervical problem like slipped disc, radiculopathy, myelopathy etc they can truly rely on the new product called cervical traction.

A new device from the medical technology to treat the problems of spondylosis or cervical arthritis. The cervical traction is a device in the shape of a neck collar that fits nice on your neck and helps in relieving the contraction of the joint bones thus relieving the nerves and muscles from the pressure.

A scientific Orthopedic Ambulatory Traction can help you in the following ways:-

Firstly its very light and thin. The design is completely anatomical that fits your neck without disturbance.

Secondly, after wearing this you need not turn like a camel completely in the direction you want to see. That is it provides comfortable motion unlike the neck collars.

Thirdly, they relieve the neck, reduce the stress from the shoulder muscles by exerting the pressure from the air bag associated like the ones in pressure machines. You can yourself pressurize the air bags as per your comfort.

The elongation of your neck by the cervical traction helps in increasing the inter vertebral disc space. The space means release of nerves from protruding bones or cushions on the nerves.

Now, if you have decided to get back your free neck like before, this one is a complete device for disc associated neck pain. The equipment is FDA approved and pose no threat. The best part is that you can yourself operate it without the assistance of a doctor as per your comfort level.