Backpain Overview

Do Away With Low Back Ache

Low back ache is very troublesome and most often it results in consistent pain for a few days. It needs proper attention and cure. Low back ache may be a result of various reasons. Sciatica and disc displacement are some common reasons. To know more about low back ache, read Introduction to low back pain.

The positive thing is that lower back pain in most of the cases persists for a few days. But, in some chronic cases, it may last longer.

Acute Lower Back Pain
It is also known as short-term lower back pain and continues to trouble you for a few days. Most often, it's attributed to some mechanical shock and trauma. Spinal disorders resulting from injury, arthritis may be a reason of back ache. Symptoms may range from back muscle pain to stabbing pain. After effects of pain is your reduced flexibility and in rare cases it makes you unable to stand straight.

Chronic Lower Back Pain
Chronic back pain lasts for around three months and more. This type of pain increases with every passing day. This means that the symptoms can only get worse over the time. There may be various reasons behind this pain.

Back pain of this type could be effectively treated by self treatment. Home remedies could be used to treat it. Most often, consumption of analgesics or taking drugs that reduce inflammation is an effective remedy. Cold and hot compresses could be used to treat back ache at home. Before giving medication, causes of lower back pain must be ascertained. Lower back pain exercises are also of great help. Home back pain relief is always a good option. Other alternative back pain therapy could also be adopted in treating back pain of this nature.