Backpain Overview

How Injection Cures Your Back?

There are several ways by which you can get relief from your back pain. Of them the most effective way is through the Epidermal Steroid Injection (ESI). It is the most common type of injection used. Various studies have shown that back pain and ESI are connected to each other as ESI is used to find the root cause of your back pain. Back pain has become a common phenomenon as there is an increasing change in the lifestyle of people. The main cause of back pain is a strain or an injury to the ligaments and the muscles that support the spine.

An Epidermal Steroid Injection is the one that is administered to patients who suffer from both, neck pain and back pain. An epidural space is defined as the space between the spinal cord and the inside portion of the spinal cord. The injection when administered to a patient who is suffering from back pain, travels through the whole length of spine. The medication moves freely in the spine, covering the nerve roots and lining of the facets joints.

The needle of the injection is inserted into the back portion of the patient. It is made sure that the injection needle has been inserted in the epidermal layer of the skin.

There are two categories of injections, one which provides you with a permanent relief and the other one that provides you a temporary one. The injections that help you to provide temporary relief are termed as therapeutic injections.

These injections are used with local anesthesia known as lidocaine. Another anesthesia, Bupivacaine is also used to relieve back pain. Cortisone is another common injection. It is injected with local anesthesia and is used to reduce the inflammation in the affected area of the patient.

There are three different ways by which you can administer to ESI. The first way, is known as the
caudal block. This process involves the use of a caudal block, which is placed through the sacral gap of the spinal cord. The injection is then placed into the epidural space. The advantage of this type of
injection method is that the probability of the puncturing of the dura is very less.

The other common method is termed as the translumbar process. In this method, a needle is placed between the two vertebrae of the back. In the third method, which is commonly called as the transforaminal process, the injection is administered around a very specific nerve root.