Backpain Overview

How To Seek Back Pain Relief?

After many a valiant searches and researches, it is now universally accepted that, it is not medication but yoga that is the most effective treatment for various types of back pain. This is, however, not to say that all types of yoga exercises relieve back pain. Your yoga teacher will be able to tell you, depending upon the severity of your back pain, the types of exercises you need to start with.

There are specific poses for relieving the back pain. Yoga exercises should not be done under pressure or with artificial compulsion. That is, hold on to each poses for 5 to ten seconds. Yoga is never done on bare floor. Use a mat or any soft supportive surface. Yoga exercises need to be done regularly. Morning hours are preferred though.

Some of the important yoga postures mentioned in relation to back pain are Cat Stretch, Wind Releasing pose, Corpse pose, Sage Twist, Palm Tree, Fish pose, Locust, Bending forward pose and many more.

The problem with the modern lifestyles, whether in office or at home, is that your body gets limited type of physical exercise. For example, you sit in a particular position in the office, for 8 to 10 hours. Other parts of the body are virtually left lazy. Even blood circulation is at times impaired. Toxins get deposited and the blood circulation is not proper so the problems start in that area.

Treatment for back pain has much to do with muscle relaxation. If muscles are stressed in particular part of the body that surely means you have pain. Your local herbal medicine specialist or the Chinese Medical practitioner will be able to help you relieve your back pain, with medical formulations tested for back pain for thousands of years. The virtue of this sort of treatment is that they do not create any side effects.

Medication is okay, when you have back pain, herbal or any other. But the real solution to get rid of the problem once for all is to understand your body alignment. An insignificant looking thing may be the cause of your recurring back pain.

For example the chair on which you sit. You sit in this chair for hours together and even if the alignment is slightly wrong, you suffer for the whole day. You feel uncomfortable, go on shifting from angle to angle, but over a period of time, your body will protest in the way, it should- by reporting pain. Unless the basic cause of the pain is treated, any medication is not going to do you any good.

So, home back pain relief methods are the best, only you have to chose your method and follow it with regularity and sincerely.