Backpain Overview

Lower Back Pain Exercise

Many causes of lower back pain are- muscle strain or spasm, sprains of ligaments (which attach one bone to another), joint problems or a "slipped disk", and straining of the soft tissues around your spine. The most common cause is using your back muscles in activities like lifting heavy furniture or doing yard work. Back pain can either be a slight discomfort or it can be an excruciating pain that could prevent a person from walking or even standing. As a back pain remedy, therapists and other healthcare professionals frequently recommend lower back pain exercise to treat the symptoms of the condition.

The basic aim of lower back pain exercise is to stay active. Back pain muscles weakness due to inactivity or disuse can be averted with regular exercise as a back pain therapy. The muscles, joints, and ligaments around your spine lose their natural flexibility leading to lower back pain and leg numbing.

Having a regular lower back pain exercise gives your back, stomach, hips and thighs muscle an opportunity to strengthen and become more flexible. Back pain treatment therapies include other forms of physical exercises such as running, walking, bike riding, and swimming, to keep themselves in good physical conditions and stay away from chronic lower back pain. In addition to it, specific lower back pain exercises can be taken up for the development of your back, stomach, hip and thigh muscles for relieving back pain.

The goal of back pain exercises and physical therapy is to decrease back pain, increase function, and provide education on a maintenance program to prevent further recurrences. Before you begin any lower back pain exercise program, it is wise to discuss the different types of back pain exercises with your doctor. Additionally, do a few warm-up or stretching exercises before tackling any lower back pain exercise program. It will help in preventing injury.