Backpain Overview

Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

The slipped disk, which is also called as herniated disk is the most prominent reason for lower back pain. There are two possible ways of 'slipped disk', one is sudden and the other is gradual. The sudden disorder happens when any of the disks tapped in the bone joints of your spine slips out or bulges out exerting pressure on nearby nerves if you lift a very heavy object in wrong posture. This situation is provoked by sudden twisting of the spine while lifting the thing.

In the gradual 'slipped disk' the disk bulges out slowly. Long duration of improper sitting, sleeping or working makes the disk come out from original position. In that case, initially you will suffer from moderate or low back pain but the pain increases day by day as the muscles or the nerves are more pressed by the out coming disk. Some other common causes are muscle spasm or strain, spraining of the ligaments in the joints, twists in the joints, injury due to accident etc.

If you are suffering from lower back pain either acute or chronic, natural remedies would be the best solution for your problem. Why natural remedies for lower back pain is suggested? The best answer to this question is that they kick away the pain completely and forever. They not only heal the wound but also make the joints and bones stronger to resist further injuries.

Lets see some natural remedies for lower back pain:

1.Rub the area with Arthcare oil. This proves too be very effective in reducing the pain. Some of the oils need simple rubbing while some needs deep massaging. The oils have the natural supplements that penetrates the skin and reaches the area of injury to cure them. Massage helps to fix the displaced muscles or ligaments.


2.Ginger roots inhibit the production of elements like leukotrienes and prostaglandins that triggers inflammation and pain. You can take the ginger powder supplements or simply can increase its intake along with salads.


3.Hot water treatment and exercises are the most common and even the best natural remedies for lower back pain. They reduce the tension of the muscles or nerves and at the same time make them elastic and flexible.