Backpain Overview

Ruptured Disc Treatment

There is a cushioning formed by the discs in our body, which act like shock absorbers for the bone .These bones are round and like a shell protecting the inner jelly-like substance called nucleolus. But sometimes due to several causes like injury, daily and tear degeneration occurs in the discs. This state is often referred to as the rupturing or herniation of discs. This condition often produces pain when due to the degeneration extra pressure is created on the spinal cord or nerve roots. So, you experience numbness or a cramping feeling in the feet and there may also be pain in the arms and shoulders.

The symptoms depend on the severity of the problem. There could be pain and numbness in the nerve which is affected. You can have weakness or a numbing feeling in the leg and in very rare cases in the arms, shoulders and the lower back. There could be muscle spasms and pain.

In around 90% of the cases, a ruptured or herniated disc is cured with non-surgical methods and only in a few cases, with surgery. Now, the non-surgical methods are of three types. Ruptured disc treatment without surgery is usually through rest .A little bit of rest from the daily activities and avoiding those things that trigger the pain can be of great help. Yoga, meditation, swimming, walking and stretching exercises can do wonders. Again, you have to take care that you do not jerk or twist anything. Your can take the help of a qualified physical trainer. In severe cases, non-steroidal and anti inflammatory drugs are used. The best ruptured disc treatment is surgery. Though undertaken in serious cases, the rate of recovery is very high.