Living With Back Pain

An Acid Reflux Could be Itching Your Back

There could be multiple reasons causing that intense pain in your back. Most of the back pain reasons are quite common among all the sufferers. Only certain causes are not heard of and are thus exclusive to some of the sufferers. One such not-heard-of and exclusive reason for back pain is the acid reflux action taking place in your body.

Yes, a faulty stomach can result into acute back pain.

How? There are produced certain digestive acids in the stomach that aid in the process of digestion. These acids are meant to stay in the stomach and perform their action. But at times when the valve, which prevents these acids from flowing out the organ fails to perform its function, these acids come out and create havoc in the other body organs. Acid reflux is a similar phenomenon. Simply it can be descried as a process wherein the digestive acids climb up the esophagus and if uncontrolled, eventually come up to the mouth. As these acids reach the other body parts, they produce more harmful substances in the body parts that in turn generates pain.

Actually the pain that is generated is not exclusive to the back alone but to the whole body. But as the production of the acid increases, the severity of the pain increases furthermore and some portion of this pain is radiated to the back that comes out in the form of back pain. This back pain generally starts from the lower back and eventually climbs the middle and the upper back. The symptoms of back pain due to the acid reflux start from low to moderate pain to acute pangs which becomes unbearable at times.

Another important thing to note here is that it is not the direct action of the digestive acids that causes pain in the back but actually the side effects caused by the acids. Moreover, there are certain foodstuffs that produce certain acids that lead to the process of acid reflux. Therefore if you are suffering from an ambiguous reason of back pain, you can talk to your doctor about the possibility of an acid reflux phenomenon taking place in your body.

Taking guidelines from a doctor is the best way to treat your back pain. You can depend on various allopathic medications to cure this state. Moving on to the natural treatments, yoga has considerable positive effects on back pain due to acid reflux. Besides, one of the natural ways by which you can prevent the action of acid in giving you back pain is by sleeping with your head and the upper torso elevated. With the action of the gravity the acid that is about to climb up the esophagus is brought back into the stomach.

All in all, back pain is not a very difficult disorder to treat. All you need is awareness and a good advice.