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Vaccine For Cervical Cancer

The cervical cancer occurs near the area of the vaginal and the uterus called cervix. The cervical cancer is divided into two parts- adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The most common form of cancer is the squamous cell carcinomas which occurs in almost 80% of the women. The percentage of Adenocarcinomas has increased in the last decade. Cervical adenocarcinoma cancer develops in the site of mucus producing glands present near the endocervix. The cancer having the features of adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinoma is called mixed carcinomas or adenosquamous carcinomas.

Cervical cancer is one such disease for which certain lifestyle is responsible. To engage in sex before the age of 18, or having many partners for sex or having   intercourse with a man having multiple sex partners cause the risk of having cervical cancer. And, ironically it has been seen that a greater percentage of girls in America engage in sex before 18 years and also the freedom of it allows them to share the bed with many. Hence, there are many possibilities that they are infected by the HPV virus responsible for the cancer. 

But the good news is that there is cervical cancer vaccine to protect them from the attack of the virus. The vaccine increases the antibodies in the immune system of their bodies to fight the viruses. There are two possible stages for this vaccine to be taken by the girls. One during the age of 11-12 years and those who have already crossed the age barrier can also take till they are 26 years old. The vaccine has also been seen effective in cases when it was injected to women older than 26 years. Besides the vaccines, they need protection and precautions. The cervical cancer vaccine consists of three injections given over a period of six months.