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Cervical Displasia

Growth is the correct meaning of the term plasia and term cervical displasia is a disorder in the growth of the cells. Layers of cells can be seen in a normal cervix under a microscope. In a normal cervix young cells of round shape give the main structure to the bottom layer.

With a course of time the maturity level of the cells increase and they take a flat shape. Due to this maturity the cells come to the surface. When there is a lack of ordered growth in the cells of the cervix the patient tends to suffer from the disorder known as the cervical dysplasia.

There is an abnormality of only few cells in the case of mild cervical dysplasia but in the case of moderate cervical dysplasia the abnormality increases up to one half of the cells present in the lining of the cervix.

The abnormal cells in the mild cervical dysplasia remain on the surface only. Similarly in the case of severe cervical dysplasia which is also known as the CIN III the disorder of the cells is total and entire cells present on the surface get abnormal. Similar to the mild cervical dysplasia the spreading of the cells do not go beyond the surface.

This type of cervical dysplasia should be treated as soon as possible due to the reason that it can take a form of a cancer thus being fatal. But it should be kept in mind that cervical dysplasia is not a cancer. It can be said to be a pre cancer rather than a cancer itself as it can be treated and a patient can return to a normal life after the medication or surgery. In cervical dysplasia the abnormality of the cells is always on the lining of the surface of the cervix.