Living With Back Pain

Cervical Pillows

Bulging disc in your neck is caused when the circular cushions between the spinal joints come out or bulge out due to old age or at times due to some injury. The bulging disk or the slipping pressurize on the nerves or adjoining tissues that starts creating trouble in your neck and the thoracic region. The first symptom starts with mild pain and then suddenly the pain starts becoming severe. The problem is called stenosis or spondylosis.


Spondylosis in neck needs special medical care. Some medications are given to stop the pain. Treatments like hot water bag, ice pads are also recommended to reduce the swelling and heat of the area. The heat and pain is caused by prostagladins. But the most important aspect is less movements of the neck and complete rest. Two important accessories are needed to take care of your cervical disorder- cervical collar and cervical pillows. Both of them are essential to fix your neck and prevent much movement of the body.


Why cervical pillows are essential?

If you gonna ask why its essential, I would like to ask you do you find yourself in the position you sleep the night before in the next morning? No, right while in sleep, we make movements unconsciously and change positions of our sleep too. Thats why its very essential that the pillows made for cervical spondylosis prevent such movements.


How they do? They are designed in such manners that whenever you try to change your body posture, you will find some sensation in the area and you stop the posture. For one or two days you may find difficulty in sleeping in the right position, but slowly you become habitual to it.


Secondly, they relieve the tension of the neck area and thus not external pressure is exerted on the neck. While you suffer from spondylosis, be sure that you make very less movements of your neck. While awake we can easily do that but as soon as we go to sleep, it may be moved in wrong postures thus hurting the area more.