Living With Back Pain

Experiencing Lower Back Pain

Finding a lower back pain treatment poses a challenge for many Americans. Lower back pain is one of the most common causes of discomfort among people in the United States. The majority of adults in this country will experience significant pain in the lower back at one time or another. There are a number of causes and it is a good idea to look into the causes of the discomfort before seeking lower back pain treatment.

 Strangely enough, the intensity of discomfort is not always parallel to the extent of physical damage suffered by the individual who is looking for a lower back pain treatment. Some patients complain of unbearable pain only to find that the excruciating ache is caused by a simple muscle spasm.

Other patients wander around without any need for a lower back pain treatment and surprisingly they have severe spinal damage. A person can have a significant herniated disc and not feel a thing. Others can go about their daily routines while suffering from a degenerated disc. Without symptoms, many people who need medical attention never seek lower back pain treatment simply because they don’t know that there is a pressing need for treatment.

The causes for the aches and discomfort can be difficult to detect and they can be quite complicated as well. There are many structures in the area of the back that can cause pain. This area is a hub of activity that can result in injury and irritation that can lead the person right to the physical therapist looking for lower back pain therapy that works.

The sciatic nerve is one that strikes fear into the heart of anyone who has ever felt the unique sensation brought on by injuring or irritating this root nerve. I know because i had sciatic nerve pain that kept me off of my feet for ten weeks. The lower back pain was not really the issue then, the sciatic nerve pain was.

During the beginning of the condition i experienced a tingling sensation that ran from my backside right down to my foot. I thought nothing of the seemingly innocent sensation until i tried to stand up one day and i came crashing down in agony. I was at work at the time and was sent home to find lower back pain treatment once i got my bearings. Once home, i could not get out of my car because the ache was so unbearable.

After seeking lower back pain treatment that was not immediately solving the problem, i looked into getting a steroid epidural to numb the ache. My instincts told me to put it off for a while and just continue with the lower back pain treatment i was getting. It turned out that i slipped a disc that landed on the sciatic nerve. It took time, but the lower back pain treatment worked for me.