Living With Back Pain

Guidelines For Recovery Of Low Back Pain

There are several options available for recovery of low back pain. Recovery means fast and proper healing of your pain after the treatment has been employed. Apart from strengthening, stretching and aerobic exercises, some basic guidelines helps you in your healing and rehabilitation process.

These guidelines are:

Managing your anxiety about low back pain: Controlling your anxiety and fear of injury and low back pain helps in regaining normal muscle function. These psychological reactions to low back pain lie in the central nervous system resulting in pain by instructing the muscles near the affected part to protect the area against further injury. This neurological barrier to normal muscle function can be overcome by appropriate physical training which tells the muscles to improve their function.

Supporting healing process by having adequate sleep: Inducing physical weariness through active exercise surely encourages sleep. Deep sleep is essential for physical and emotional healing which is prohibited by chronic inactivity. Stimulants like caffeine or nicotine should be avoided during night time. You should also quit smoking as it diminishes the available blood supply, thus making the nervous system more sensitive.

Proper eating habits help in healing the back pain: The healing process would be a better one with appropriate nutrition including adequate calorie intake. Don't consume extra calories, they will result in over weight during the healing process. Adequate protein should be included in your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are helpful as they supply the vitamins and essential nutrients for effective healing.

Controlling the use of medication for back pain: Use of narcotic medications and muscle relaxants over long time period, results in causing depression. Also, some anti-inflammatory medications affect the healing speed.

Proper exercise for back fitness: Exercise in a controlled, progressive and gradual manner helps a lot in the healing process. Active exercise is the natural stimulus for the healing process. In active exercise one uses his nervous system to instruct the muscles and includes dedication to comprehensive, appropriate exercise and rehabilitation program.

Professional assistance for low back pain: Always seek the assistance of an appropriate trained and licensed health professional for the healing process of your back. Also, if your pain persists for more than few weeks then it is necessary to consult a physician.

So, all these guidelines help in proper and speedy healing and rehabilitation process of low back pain!