Living With Back Pain

Help For Five Herniated Discs

The vertebral column is fragmented into four parts. The cervical region consists of 7 bony structures, the thoracic region consists of 12 bony parts and the lumbar region has five bony segments in the lower back area, five sacral bones (the sacrum) and four coccygeal bones (the coccyx). For more information on help for five herniated discs, read Causes Of Back Pain.

The herniated disc is the cause of lower back pain, mid back pain and constant back and leg pain. A herniated disc causes pain, loss of feeling, tingling, or muscle weakness. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often used for relieving back pain.

If the pain is really severe, your doctor may prescribe medications for back pain narcotic painkillers, such as codeine. Exercises for back painĀ  help in back pain treatment as an easily available back pain therapy. The specially designed chair for back pain can also be used for back pain remedy.

The vertebral bodies are numbered from 1 to 5 in the lumbar spine and the discs are located between the two of the vertebral bodies. The change in the normal structure of the disc results in lumbar disc disease. Usually, disc disease takes place as a result of aging and the degeneration that happens within the disc. Sometimes, acute trauma can cause herniation of a normal disc and in such a case getting help for five herniated discs should be our immediate concern.