Living With Back Pain

Herniated Disc Illustrations

Herniated disc illustrations show that these discs are flat and round, with a tough outer shell called capsule which surrounds a soft jelly like material, called the nucleus. For more information on herniated disc illustrations read Diagnosis Through MRI And CT Scans.

ill the time these discs are healthy, they work as shock absorbers for the spine. The everyday pressure on the disc forces it to bulge slightly. When a disc ruptures or bulges abnormally, it is called a herniated disc. If the disc moves in any direction except the direction in which the nerves are, the pain is minimal. But, the spinal canal into which the movement takes place has limited space, hence the herniated disc is pressed against the spinal nerves.

This produces symptoms of lower back pain and leg numbing, mid back pain, pain in back of head and back muscle pain.

Herniated disc results from tiny ruptures in the wall of the disc. These tiny ruptures allow some or all of the gel-like material to bulge out. This results in the diminished ability of the disc to act as a cushion and this places greater pressure on the surrounding spinal nerves. The result may be pain in the back and legs. For back pain remedy, back pain therapy and back pain medications are used.