Living With Back Pain

Identify The Pain In Your Back And Leg

Sometimes, it is quite difficult to understand whether the pain in your back is due to leg pain or due to back pain! Human body is such an integrated mechanism that most of the times it is not an easy task to estimate what is wrong with it.

If it is a direct injury from an accident or fall, you still know the underlying cause and suffering involved with the pain. But injuries like back pain or leg pain, occurring due to your accumulated sins of negligence is really hard to cure.

You may argue that the nature of your office work is such that you cannot avoid the condition. Usually people who are required to stand in one position for several hours or the ones who are regularly working on the computer systems complain of stiffness and pain in the back. These activities may lead to such habits formation, that normal movements of the neck can result in too much pain and curbed movement.

Know one important point regarding your back pain. Wherever blood flow is affected in your body, something is sure to be wrong. Restriction of blood flow means reduction in delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. When blood supply is less, the removal of metabolic wastes also gets hampered.

Under such circumstances, your attempt to lengthen the muscle and get the normal range of motion will lead to increased spasm and pain. Your leg pain thus may be the result of this phenomenon. If it is coupled with back pain your troubles are all the more. In that part of your body muscle is already weak, and is prone to injury. Sudden movements, jerks, loads and stretching are not without danger of fall.

Back and leg pain, unless it is due to accident, is not an overnight development. Your body is such a mechanism that it constantly tries its best and uses all corrective measures before giving up. You experience symptoms. You get many clues. You get many types of warnings. Over a period of time, muscular aches and muscle fatigue worsen in the morning due to the overnight build up of toxins in the affected part.

If you ignore the pain at this stage, you will suffer and the situation will worsen. Design a good exercise schedule for you and follow it up regularly. Yoga and breathing exercises will do you a lot of good.

Think of the lifestyle changes. Try to identify the weak points in your day’s schedule. Instead of working, to a pattern, try variety. Never skip the exercise schedule. Think positively and avoid stress. You have to evolve yourself a disciplined personality. Medication of any kind is not going to solve your problem permanently.