Living With Back Pain

How To Lift Properly To Avoid Back Pain?

Lifting objects properly is not only the most important thing that you can do to keep back pain away but it can also help reduce the back pain that you have already been experiencing. In other words, learning how to lift objects properly is not just preventing but also curative with respect to back pain. It is better not to do unnecessary lifting. However, if it has to be done, do it properly.

Now, if you are parent, grandparent or a daycare worker and you are suffering from back pain, there is every chance that you hurt your back by lifting a child improperly. They might be small and apparently weightless but if you do the lifting improperly they can be real heavy on your back. And this is equally true for other weights small or relatively bigger. Most of us tend to just bend over and lift the object, which is the wrong way of doing it. Here is how one should lift a weight properly.

First and foremost, plan the lift, which means you think about the object and where it has to be moved so. This would avoid unnecessary movements while you are holding the object. If you have another person helping you out, make sure that you both agree on the plan so that you do not end up planning while you are carrying the object.

Before you lift the object, go down and hug it close to your body, and get a firm hold on it. Your feet must be firmly planted on the ground and should be shoulder-wide apart. Now, straighten your back and do not let it arc at any point of time. Try applying a little force so as to gauge how much effort it would take for you to lift the object. This would prevent the weight coming heavy on your back all of a sudden, unexpected.

With your back straight and stomach in, bring your body to a standing position with the object held firmly in your arms. This would make your legs do most of the work and your back would not creak under the weight. The lesser your back and spine move during the lifting, the lesser chances you have of injuring your back.

And if your job involves lifting on a regular basis, it would be good for you if you use back support. Get into a habit of lifting objects properly and you would never have to suffer from back pain ever again.