Living With Back Pain

Is It Middle Back Pain?

Middle back pain is the kind of pain that one feels in the area just below the neck and above the waist or lower back. Its also a common problem like lower back pain and majority of the people are suffering from this ailment. The main cause for this pain is occupational habits- sitting postures, stress and too much hard work. Other possible causes are sudden lifting of heavy objects keeping the pressure somewhat in the mid of the back, over exercising, or some kind of religion. The muscle strain is common consequence of all the above said facts. Even sleeping regular in wrong postures, and obesity can also be the reasons for middle back pain. Aging is another reason for middle back pain.


The middle of your back has 12 vertebrae as protective bones for the spine, and are situated in the thoracic sector of the spine. Discs made of cartilage are fitted between each joint of these twelve bones. The discs are elastic in nature and help in movements and also absorb the shocks the body receives at different acts. Along with the vertebrae for support, there are tendons and muscles that provide shape and stability to your back.


In most rare cases herniated disc may be the cause of middle back pain. In this condition the discs between the vertebrae slightly slips out and bulges. The bulging out of a disc will put pressure in the adjoining muscles or tendons. The pain caused due to herniated disc
is very severe and unbearable.


The good news is that middle back pain can be treated with simple means. Since, in most cases they are caused due to muscle spasm or strains, the first thing advised by doctors is complete rest and no hard working or exercising. Application of ice packs, hot water bags are also recommended to treat the sore muscles. Another option is physiotherapy, where doctor instructs the exercises and stretches necessary for bringing back the muscles or discs to position and increase the muscle elasticity.