Living With Back Pain

Precautions Against Lower Back Pain

I have suffered from lower back pain for many years. When i was fourteen years old, i fell while ice skating and landed on my tailbone. Since then i have battled with pain in my lower back. I have been involved with a variety of treatments and medications. I have had ultra sound treatments, deep heat treatments and electrical current treatments. Each has been very effective for a time in helping with the lower back pain, but no matter how good the treatment, eventually the pain returns.

The doctor’s have prescribed a variety of medications. Some of them have taken the pain away, but the side effects have been difficult to deal with. Some of the medications have even been taken off the market because of the side effects they have on the heart. The more medications i tried the more i realized that i needed to find an alternative way to deal with my lower back.

Through the years, i have learned that the best thing i can do is concentrate on preventing the lower back pain rather than treating it after it occurs. The best way for me to prevent the lower back pain is to alter my movements through out the day. If i sit or stand for too long of a time period my lower back starts to bother. By taking breaks between sitting or standing for longer period of time, i can prevent the lower back pain. I have also found that stretching each morning when i get up and each evening before i go to bed helps my lower back feel better.

Lower back pain can affect everything about my day. If i do not address the pain in my lower back it begins to travel up my spine and eventually causes headache. The few minutes that the stretching exercises take is well worth the effort to avoid the domino effect that happens to me when i do not take care of my lower back.

Another cause of my lower back pain is driving a vehicle for any length of time. I have found that if i keep a rolled up towel in the car i can use this to help support my back. The towel roll is inexpensive, washable and is easy to place behind your back. You do not have to spend money to take good care of your lower back. The best way to have a healthy lower back is to strengthen it by keeping your abdominal muscles in shape. I always include some abdominal strengthening exercises in my morning and evening stretches.