Living With Back Pain

What Is The Best Therapy For Permanent Back Pain Relief?

BACK PAIN! Don't treat it as a contagious disease. It is your own special condition that you have unwittingly created for yourself, by your wrong lifestyles! And over the counter medications, may give you temporary relief. But they are not going to provide you with a permanent solution. They are not going to restore to your pain free back!

For treating any problem, you have to go to its roots. It is hundred percent true in case of back pain also. I give you a gold assurance. Most of the back pain can be treated between six to eight weeks. Some pains in less than a fortnight. Only if you are willing to understand and co-operate with it!

Many simple factors cause the back pain, namely: slouching, injury, muscle imbalances, poor posture, improper lifting, and extra bulge. Why do you carry this extra bulge everyday to your workplace? Do you get any extra payment for that?

Review your posture and think over, whether any improvement is possible. It is perhaps possible just by changing the chair on which you sit. If not, you can counter this problem by doing appropriate exercises and getting oil massage. But corrective measures are a must, before your back pain turns into a chronic back pain.

Even exercising has logic. If you do exercise meant to treat your back pain alone, you don't think that you are on the correct track. Your whole body must get exercise and your exercise schedule needs to be planned accordingly. If you condition your back, and if your stomach does not get any exercise benefit, that is not proper exercise, and it may lead to muscle imbalance.

Obesity is the state which you need to tackle, without further delay. Extra body weight means extra changes of your being confronted with serious types of diseases. Apart from the personality aspect, extra weight will certainly lead to back pain and leg pain. You are working against the law of gravitation. How long you can work against the rule? The chances of accidental falls and injury are always more for the obese persons.

Over the counter medications are stop gap arrangements. They can never be the permanent solutions. Most of the Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are known to cause the side effect of gastrointestinal upset.

You try to know the cause of your back pain and then follow the therapy. Without knowing the cause, no therapy is possible!