Living With Back Pain

What To Do When You Have A Bad Back?

Although a niggling back pain might trouble quite a lot of people yet it is often quite conveniently ignored until it takes on gigantic proportions and starts troubling the daily course of work. Once it is started, only certain methods can help you get the relief.

Here is a list of things that can help you get early relief from the back pain.

Bed rest is absolutely essential, especially in the case of acute back pain for at least 48 hours or till the time it subsides.

You can use heat or ice packs at this time as it may really prove quite beneficial.

Medication, if it has been recommended by your physician may relieve symptoms.

Sometimes traction treatment in the hospital might turn out to be quite effective. While other times epidural injections containing anti-inflammatory or pain medication can also be tried.

Back pain surgery is to be considered only in the worst possible case scenario. If conservative treatment fails to control pain or neurological symptoms, then only go in for a surgery. And before going in for it, it is a good idea to take the opinions of several neurosurgeons and orthopedics.

Best of luck!!!