Causes Of Back Pain

Cause of Back Pain: Are Your Genes responsible?

Do you know that all the information about your body is stored in the form of microscopic structures called genes? In other words, genes are a blue print to your whole body structure. They are the key information provider. Diseases occur in your body due to some adverse chemical reactions that happens in these genes. Under such situation, they start destroying the cells. These degenerated cells in turn start destroying the corresponding organ.


Now, this degeneration of cells due to chemical reaction in genes has connection with back pain troubles as well. The connection between the duo is debatable, however.


Back pain is the most common disease that people suffer from today. It is generally associated with sitting or standing in bad postures. But, several diseases also cause pain in your back. Occurrence of most of these diseases can be explained in connection to the hyper activities that occur in the genes. Of all the diseases that have genetical roots, scoliosis is the most common.


Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spinal cord. This gene-related disease affects more females than males. The reason is that the chemical substance responsible for it is more prominent in the female gene structure. To correct this order, there are many treatments available.


Spondylothesis is another disorder that has been related to some kind of hyper activities occurring in the genes. The worst part about this disease is that most of the people who suffer from spondylothesis, do not even know that they are living with it. There occurs a forward movement of the fifth lumbar vertebra, as a result of which the spine loses its balance. The only solution to cure this trouble is the surgical fixation of spinal cord.


Adding another name to the list of back pain causing genetical-disorders is Spina Bifida. Here your spinal cord takes the shape of a fork. This is a type of disorder that starts in the fetus itself giving it a shape of a birth defect. In the mother’s womb, the genes deviate from their constructive function and start destroying the protective bony arch that is present over the spinal cord. This leaves the spinal cord unprotected. This disorder can be corrected surgically. There is another variant of Spina Bifida that causes back pain. It is known as Spina Bifida Occulta, which is less fatal.


There are some other abnormalities too that are a result of the genetical awry. For instance, presence of four lumbar vertebra, one less than the normal, is a genetical disorder.