Causes Of Back Pain

Back Pain May Be An Outcome Of Colon Cancer

In certain cases, backache is the result of colon cancer. This backache and colon problem is very common among men and women in America. In this malady, malignant cells form in the tissues. It is better to take notice of back ache if you have even a bit of doubt that you are falling prey to colon cancer. To know more about it, read back pain an indicator of colon cancer.

Causes responsible for colon cancer include aging, family history, bearing polyps, background of ulcerative colitis and hereditary transfer.

Prognosis that results in severe back pain is the most often colon cancer. But, it could be treated. Tests are conducted to find out if it has affected the other parts of the body and then only severity of disease is ascertained.

Duke's 0, Duke’s A, Duke’s B, Duke’s C and Duke’s D are known as five different stages of colon cancer.

A)  Earliest stage is also called as carcinoma in situ.
B)  When disease gets spread beyond the innermost layers it is first stage.
C)  Middle layers of the colon get affected during stage 2.
D)  Stage 3 is declared when it is found in at least three lymph nodes.
E)  Stage 4 is the extreme case in which disease gets spread in the various parts of the body.

With the help of CT scan, Lymph node biopsy and MRI colon cancer could be diagnosed. MRI is particularly helpful in detecting early stage of malady. Usually, cancer gets confirmed by lymph node biopsy.

Back ache and colon problem is of special significance for Americans as, back ache may be because of colon cancer.

In case of back and colon problem, general medications for back pain become irrelevant. Although, exercises for back pain could provide temporary relief. In this case, the patient may experience middle back pain as well as lower back pain. Alternative back pain therapy such as acupuncture could be adopted along with cancer medication. But, permanent back pain treatment lies in cure of cancer. In this case too, for immediate relief, medicines relieving back pain could be taken. This back cancer colon pain requires great care and assistance from back pain support groups.