Causes Of Back Pain

Is your Back Hurting? Why? What Is The Cause?

Your back bears the weight of your entire lifestyle single-handedly, and you do not even take proper care of it. You would bend this way and that, and lift objects the way you please. And then you would also expect it to bear all abuse silently. Isn’t it just too much to expect?


Most of the back problems are not exactly disease, they are simply the result of ill treatment meted out to the back day in, day out. If, after such reckless living, you suffer from chronic back pain, you have no reason to blame anyone other than yourself. Had you walked straight, lifted the objects properly and walked upright, things would have been very different.


In fact, there are different activities associated with pain in different parts of back. For instance, if you have pain in your neck and shoulder, it could be for a number of reasons including working on the computer for long hours week after week. And if you are among those who just stick the phone receiver between their head and shoulder with head bent sideways and shoulder lifted up to the ear, you can well be a perfect target for upper back pain.


Now, if you feel pain in your shoulder and upper neck, it could also be a result of your over-zealous approach to games like tennis or badminton. Because, they involve the vigorous movement of shoulders and upper neck.


Besides, an odd jerk to the neck may also result in chronic pain. These injuries are pretty much avoidable. The key is to begin slow and build up your game gradually and not plunge into it all of sudden. So, the next time you go to the tennis court, make sure that you do not become overly competitive right away. Hit the ball around a few times and then get into a match instead of going full throttle right from the start.


An important thing about the back is that it creaks only under undue pressure though it is a very strong organ. However, it is within your powers to strengthen your back as much as you want. There is no limit to it.


Human body responds to the pressure you put on it. Therefore, if you feel you are susceptible to back pain, the most effective way to get rid of this susceptibility is to start exercise your back muscles and core abdomen muscles. Once you have stronger muscles supporting your back, you would no longer be prone to back pain. However, even if you have joined a gym and your back is sufficiently strong, do not overlook the importance of right posture because wrong posture can harm even the strongest of backs.