Causes Of Back Pain

What Are The Causes Of Lower Back Pain?

Always be very sure of the cause of your back pain before taking any medicines. Because, using over the counter medicines without knowing the real cause of your back pain can be dangerous. It is thus advisable that you meet your doctor and get your condition diagnosed to know the ailing factor. This will not only treat the root cause behind your back pain but will also help reduce the intensity of the pain.


Lower back pain in the lumbar region is the outcome of many possible factors. Some of the prominent causes of lower back pain include:


a. Old Age: No body can help you at this stage of life. The bones due to age decompress and the lumbar spine throughout your life takes stress for all sort of work performed by you. The decompression can cause the nerve roots of the spine to degenerate. Thus the pain may start at your back and make your movements quite troublesome. Exercise would be the best remedy for this problem.

b. Accident Or Fall: A fracture or twist or muscle spasm due to the injury may also cause the pain. The pain in fracture is very irritating and unbearable. The person suffers very much. Muscle spasms due to fall may cause severe pain. Though the pain is temporary yet it needs medical care and precaution.


c. Sciatica: It is another slipped disc problem that tortures whole of your lower body, from lower back to the feet, with pain. The sciatica nerve protruding is the main cause of this problem.


d. Some of the health conditions also cause lower back pain. Pregnancy in women can be the cause of lower back pain. Spinal tumor can also introduce this problem. Kidney stones, pelvic inflammatory diseases and gallstones are the other causes of lower pain. When back pain is associated with other diseases, it is a must to consult a physician and get a prescribed treatment.