Causes Of Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain Weight Gain

Let’s just take a look at these statistics. About 85% of the American population is inertly affected with chronic back pain. Almost entire half of the world's population is affected with the disorder of the same name. So, then it’s just any other ordinary ailment. But the problem with it lies in the fact that it leads to major bouts of pain. In fact, the pain could be so intense that it may weaken the body and it may lead to chronic numbness. The pain, if not checked within time, could in fact, lead to unconsciousness.


Among the parts of the spine, the lower region is believed to be the most sensitive. It is designed to take care of the load and has maximum adaptability so as to adjust to the various constraints of different tasks. Whenever you sit, stretch, run or walk, it is this part of the spine which adjusts and works itself to the benefit of other parts of the body. Hence, it is most susceptible to trauma and injury. Moreover, the stomach on the front side of the spine bears major effects to the spine. Hence, any gain or decrease in weight, can negatively and positively affect the spine. For chronic back pain, weight gain is one of the major causes of the disorder.


This is especially so in the States and countries of Europe, and Australia, where obesity is a major concern. It stresses and brings a forward inclination to the spine. If the spine constantly stays in this position, it will bend more than the normal posture and thus bring about significant pain. In major cases, it may cause a slip of disc. The plates might be misplaced and you might have a fracture of your spinal column.


So, remember, over-eating isn’t only bad for your digestive system, it’s also bad for your back! So, the next time you have a back-ache, do give your food a thought!