Causes Of Back Pain

Does Your Back Ache When You Go Cycling?

Cycling is known to be one of the best forms of exercising. It has positive effects on almost all the parts of your body. In some cases however, you may feel back pain after a session of cycling. There have also been cases where cycling has been the very cause of back pain. This is generally because of not maintaining the correct posture while cycling.

Correct Posture

It must be understood that the posture for cycling is not like the one used for sitting or walking. In fact there are quite a lot of differences. People who do not maintain a pedaling friendly posture while cycling tend to suffer the most from back pain. At the same time, your posture should be such that it compensates for the occasional jolts and jerks. The best posture for cycling is one in which your back is arched. Instead of letting your back droop between the shoulders and hips, you should, position it as if it is a bridge.

This is to ensure that in case of a bump, the back will automatically compensate for the effect by moving in the direction where bump is higher. In case of people who tend to ride sway back, the opposite will happen and it will result in severe pain in the lumbar region.

Handlebar positioning
In addition to this, if you are thinking of getting your bike modified with a higher handle, you should not do so. The result of such a thing might be quite the opposite. If you sit with an absolutely straight spine, there would be no scope left when you encounter a bump on the road. Your body will be bolted right up and you will land on the seat of bicycle with a thud.

The result on your spine of such a thing happening time and again is not something you would fancy to imagine. If you already have back problems, this is the worst thing to do. Your vertebrae would be jammed together. It is advised that people who are going to use an exercise cycle which remains stationery should choose this option as opposed to people who plan to use an actual bicycle as the exercise cycle would not face any bumps or jerks or other road irregularities.

Other considerations
Along with cycling, you should undertake weight training sessions for your back as well as for your neck. Before you start riding, perform a proper warmup and stretch every part your body. In addition to this, you might consider wearing a back brace so as to ensure that it gets enough support.

Even though cycling might cause back pain, it remains an extremely effective and highly recommended exercise.