Causes Of Back Pain

What Is Lateral Recess Stenosis?

Lateral recess stenosis is also called as subarticular stenosis. It occurs basically due to the narrowing between the superior articulating process and posterior vertebral margin. This in turn can cause radicular pain in the back. The lateral recess stenosis basically affects the middle aged people. For more information on lateral recess stenosis and its treatment, read Diagnosis Through Electrodiagnostic Tests

To get relief from middle back pain you just need to have faith on your back pain treatment. Back pain therapy recommends Electrodiagnostic Tests to know what are the causes of lower back pain. Just by relying on lower back pain exercises you can't get rid of the mid back pain. Proper back pain medication is required so that when electrodiagonistic tests are performed you may not get tensed.

For back muscle pain treatment, Electromography (EMG) is suggested. Though this procedure is painful, it will help you know the electrical discharges in muscle which cause lower back pain and leg numbing. Once you know the reason then you can sincerely work on the treatments and get rid of the lateral recess stenosis.