Causes Of Back Pain

Middle Back Pain

You might have heard your dad screaming from pain or your mum moaning about pain in the middle region of her back.  So what is the relation between this particular back pain and us? You might have tried to find the answer for the reason behind this type of pain.

The middle back pain can happen to anybody for any reasons. Even students also suffer from this pain. It happens when they sit at the same posture for long periods without taking a break. Millions of people around the world have suffered from the back pain. So we gather that back pain can arise due to some bad habit induced in our life styles like sitting for long, exercising in wrong postures, or some kind of injury that can hurt the spine severely. Now these are the common factors that are known to us. Let’s now understand more about this type of pain and factors affecting the same

Diet: you must be thinking how diet can be responsible for back pain? Well a poor diet that lacks essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the bones would show its effect once you reach the stage of 30-35 years. The joints of the bone have ligaments which in case of a poor diet,  become weak; the bones become soft and are more prone to injuries that can occur even when small pressures or stress is applied on it. They also tend to bend. The spine is very susceptible to bending. Any of these causes or a combination of some of them, can cause sever back pain.

Lack of Exercise and Physical activity: This is one of the prime reasons for back pain. Muscles and tendons can strengthen with exercise and by stretching the body. They become more flexible and restrain certain strains. The exercises make the joints of the bones more elastic and they become resistant to problems that may be caused by any minor stretch during hard work or lifting of objects.