Causes Of Back Pain

Neck Injuries May Result In Cervical Stenosis

Cervical stenosis is greatly linked with neck injuries. It has been observed that severe shock and injury to neck may give way to spinal stenosis and contrarily stenosis may cause neck pain. Thus, neck injuries and cervical stenosis are very much connected. Usually, cervical stenosis is an outcome of waning of the spine that results in narrowed and compressed spinal chord. The pain caused by stenosis travels to the neck. To know more about Cervical Stenosis, read Cure cervical stenosis.

 This stenosis caused chronic back and neck pain and middle back pain results in adverse effect on normal brains. The longer one goes through the trauma of pain, the harm caused to brain is greater. More often, neck injuries give way to cervical stenosis. In neck injuries and cervical stenosis, specialist neurosurgeons are sought to treat the malady.

Vertebrae is fused by neurosurgeons with the help of grafting bone or by inserting metal plates to give extra support and stability to the spine, thus relieving back pain through this back pain treatment. Back and neck pain may also be a result of shock and injury to ligaments and muscles of spinal canal. It may be a result of sports injuries or a sudden surge in physical activity.

Back pain exercises are must to cure stenosis. Exercises related to strengthening of pelvic muscles and stretching of hamstrings could be done. Medications for back pain may also be taken that help in quickly relieving back pain. Alternative back pain therapy such as water therapy and sauna bath could work as back pain remedy in case of neck injuries and cervical stenosis.