Causes Of Back Pain

Osteoporosis: A Cause Of Back Pain

Osteoporosis refers to thinning of the bones, as the age progresses. It affects women more than men and progresses after menopause. However this condition is both preventable and treatable if caught in time but the bad news is that there is not enough awareness about the opportunities for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis itself does not cause back pain but it weakens the vertebral spine so that it can no longer withstand normal stress or a minor trauma resulting in a fracture. Advanced osteoporosis is really painful and disabling.

 Some of the risk factors of osteoporosis includes:

Age factor- People over 65 years of age are at particular risk.

Gender- Women possess greater risk of losing bone more rapidly than men due to menopause. Men also contribute 20% to the patient population of osteoporosis.

Race- Caucasian and Asian women are at greater risks.

Family and personal history- History of fracture on the mother's side of the family and a personal history of any kind of bone fracture as an adult poses great risk for occurrence of osteoporosis.

Menstrual history and menopause- Normal menopause increases women's risk of osteoporosis while early menopause increases the risk even more.

Body type- Small-boned women weighing less than 127 pounds are at greater risk of osteoporosis.

Lifestyle- Certain lifestyle behaviors increase osteoporosis risk including calcium or vitamin D deficiency, no exercise, alcohol abuse and smoking.

Chronic diseases and medications- Certain medications can damage bone leading to secondary osteoporosis.

Various treatments are present for osteoporosis which include education on diet or nutrition, exercise and medications. Some of the medications used for treating osteoporosis are:

3.Selective estrogen receptors modulators like raloxifene
4.Estrogen or hormone therapy
5.Teriperatide (a parathyroid hormone)

Exercise and fitness also helps in maintaining bone density and reducing the risks of falls. Always carry out a proper diagnostic test for osteoporosis for its better treatment. The ultimate goal of osteoporosis treatment is to prevent fractures.