Causes Of Back Pain

Overcoming The Ordeal Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman often suffer from back pain. This pain may originate due to various reasons. Pain in most woman remains localized in the pelvic region. Mostly, the kind of back pain a pregnant woman suffers from is Peripartum Pelvic pain.

 Treatment or handling of this pain may include various therapies. If you are a pregnant woman suffering from back pain, you may take help of these therapies. Exercise therapy is one such effective tool that could be used. Exercises for keeping your weight under control and to strengthen your back muscles are quite useful. Stretching exercises also help a lot.

You must also try to maintain right postures while sitting and sleeping. High heel footwear should also be avoided. With the help of regular massage of the affected area, you can control your pain. A pelvic belt is another useful tool but it should be used only when prescribed.

Rest and sometimes even bed rest is suggested in case of severe pain. It reduces pain. Although too much rest is not good. Be active but do not be overactive. Constant medication in consultation with your gynecologist is advised. If you take medication on your own, it may affect your pregnancy.

Chiropractic treatment may also help you in curbing pain. But, the chiropractor must have the experience of dealing with pregnant woman. So, these are some simple ways which can keep you away from back pain during pregnancy. All you need to do is take care of yourself and your child.