Causes Of Back Pain

What Is The Cause Of Your Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is the most common affliction people suffer. Unfortunately, in the absence of serious medical problems, low back pain is considered a benign disease, self limiting and non-progressive. There are no real cures at present. So low back pain suffers like you and me have to endure daily episodes in silence, interrupted work and sleep and stuffing our cabinets with painkillers.

The old adage “Prevention is the best medicine” is real cheesy, but it does have really good points. So prevent is what we should do. And what better way to prevent this malady than to identify the causes of low back pain and see if we can find ways to avoid it.

Strained Muscles
One cause of low back pain is strained muscles. Pulled muscles, strained muscles, muscles spasm, they all mean the same thing and they feel the same. But how do they occur? Pulled muscles occur when you do strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects and pulling heavy loads. Normally, your body can cope up such activities, especially if you haul heavy objects regularly. But muscle cells do weaken, and when they do they tend to get torn. Pulled muscles happen when you do an action rapidly, like turning your body (especially your trunk) or bending over quickly. The explosive action will tear your muscles, especially if they are not yet warmed up.

So, if you encounter an especially heavy load, do something to divert some of the load so that your muscles can cope up with the work safely.

Muscle Spasms
Muscle spasms happen when you overwork a muscle past the limit. This is particularly true during tough workouts and strenuous games. Every time a muscle works, it converts oxygen and calorie into energy, the burning chemical reaction produces small amounts of toxin that are eventually released as sweat. If the muscle is used continuously, the buildup of toxins will eventually overwhelm the release of toxins in the pores. This toxin buildup produces muscle soreness that contributes to the causes of low back pain.

Bad Posture
Bad posture is another example of the causes of low back pain. Sitting down incorrectly can limit the blood flow to the spine and degenerate the cells that involve it. If you’re sitting over a period of time, sit in chairs with straight backs or low back support. If you can, arrange a sitting position that will keep your knees a little higher than your hips. Adjusting the seat or use a low stool to prop your feet are some examples. Or you could use a chair that has minimum elevation.