Symptoms Of Back Pain

Beware, Your Back Pain May Limit Your Mobility!

Back pain not only affects you physically but brings along a high scale of mental suffering, which is immense and unbearable. This mental torture is in the form of inability and discomfort in performing the day-to-day, important activities of life. And this inability to perform the desired tasks can have a very serious affect on the brain of the person. The person can even face depression.

The depression talked about here is a serious type of depression which is known as clinical depression. A person suffering from clinical depression due to back pain will generally remain depressed the whole day through, with unexplained crying sprees. The person will show fluctuations in his appetite, problem in sleeping and occurrence of suicidal thoughts will be a common phenomenon. Also the person will show least interest in any of the enjoyable activities of life.

Another limitation that is imposed on a person suffering from back pain is a complete “cut off” from the social circle. Due to intense pain, the person will be reluctant to attend social gatherings and will have no interest in meeting people. Besides he may loose interest in those activities that he used to relish doing once.

Chronic back pain also limits ones ability in the workplace. Back pain makes him incapable to work for long hours, while sitting at one place. Due to continuous pain in the back, the person will find it difficult to concentrate on his professional work. All this will thus curtail his performance at workplace. And eventually all this build up in a job loss.

Thus a person suffering from back pain should maintain his calm and take guidance of a good medical professional. Only an experienced doctor will guide you to a path of pain free life. Just a little hard work from your side and a pain free back is all yours.