Symptoms Of Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain And Its Description

Your spine is perhaps one of the most important bones in your body. The entire posture and functionalities of the body is dependent on the well-being of your spine. Any damage or ailment to this part of the body may substantially impede your well-being and general self. To keep it in good shape and condition is therefore  a very important task and shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Descriptions of Chronic back pain:

In the simplest terms, back pain refers to the pain surrounding the spine owing to tension in the surrounding nerves, muscles, bones, joints or other ligaments and tissues present in and around in the spine. The pain may last depending upon the condition and part of the spine that is affected by the pain. Its symptoms includes sharp burning sensation of the spine. The major drawback of a chronic back pain is that it may spread to adjoining areas such as the arm, foot or leg, neck or head, causing immense discomfort, which if not taken care of, may result in weakness and numbness.
Basically, there are two types of back pains. It could be either an acute back pain or a chronic back pain. The former occurs in case of an illness or an injury, which is a  temporary state and fades away once the symptoms of the main illness is  are taken care of. On the other hand, chronic back pain persists even after the symptoms are treated. The recovery  process may take anything from a couple of months to a couple of years. 

When the pain spreads to the other parts of the body such as the foot or leg, it is termed as Sciatica. It may also affect regions such as the arm, neck, abdomen, head, shoulder blades, pelvic region or the legs and in that case, it is termed as Referred Pain.