Symptoms Of Back Pain

The Problem Of Herniated Disc

Your body is made up of a number of bones called the “vertebrae”, which when connected together is called the spine. The spine is, therefore, a delicate arrangement of bones which lends stability and balance to the whole of the body. It is also the part which takes upon itself the task of lifting weights and granting flexibility to the whole of the body.

Now, the vertebra isn’t in isolation to each other and is connected to each other by the means of a disc with holes, made up of tissues. The center of these discs has a watery substance to bring in that lubrication and is termed as “nucleus pulposus”. The tougher, outer layer of each vertebra is made up of a component called the “annulus fibrosus” and treasures the jelly-like content inside the disc. With age, the center of these discs might begin to dry up, causing the  movement and agility of the vertebrae ,to the slow down. This condition is called a “herniated disc” and it is like a dried-up éclair from the inside.

Commonly, herniated discs usually occur in the midst of the bottom two disc of the lower lumbar spine. It may fall in and around the waist, and most likely to result in a cracked spine. One if it’s most common resultants is “Sciatica” which is a numb feeling, or a sensation of weakness and acute pain, in and around the legs. This maybe because of the pressure of the nerves on the spine. It is estimated that around 1-2% of the human populace has been affected by sciatica, and the age ranges that is affected by it is between 30 and 50.It may also result in severe pain in the lower back.

Unlike how it sounds, herniated disc can be cured and one can resume normal work after it is treated. There have also been instances where it has been cured without any kind of treatment or medication. However, it is best to get yourself checked  if any doubts arise and consult your doctor.