Symptoms Of Back Pain

Symptoms Of Back Pain

By self evaluating some of the symptoms, we can come to know about the severity of back pain and judge whether it's time to call upon a doctor or not. Some of the symptoms of back pain are:

Worsening of pain at times of coughing or sneezing
When your pain or numbness radiates down to one or both legs.
When your sleep gets disturbed due to the pain.
When the pain is creating difficulty for the urine to pass through and having a bowel movement.
Losing control over urination and bowel movement due to pain.
Fever and chills along with the pain.
Severe trauma
Severe leg weakness
Severe abdominal or back pain.
Unexplained weight loss.

These significant symptoms could be a sign of nerve damage or other serious medical problems. There are many conditions or causes behind all these symptoms, so an early and accurate diagnosis will help to cure this pain.

Some of the other miscellaneous symptoms of back pain are:

Continuous aching, pain or stiffness around spine, neck or hips.
Sharp pain in the neck, or back after lifting heavy materials.
Chronic ache in the lower back after sitting or standing for long periods

So, these are some of the important symptoms of back pain which if noticed timely can help in proper back pain treatment and thus prevent any serious complication afterwards.